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Sharing a meal is one of the most intimate experiences we can have. It brings us closer, uncovers our roots and bridges the gaps in our culture, history and time.

My approach is a simple one. I respect the roots and draw from my inspiration to honor them. There are limitless techniques and oceans of ideas, I allow my mind the opportunity to stray and never conform. 

I allow mistakes and I love every moment I get to spend solving problems. Thus reaching new plateaus with a melting pot of amazing flavors, aromas, colors, and textures. I've always worn my heart on my sleeve and I soulfully enjoy cooking and providing nourishment for others. I'm 10,000 percent me in the kitchen. It's honesty, it's passion, addicting and contagious!

I look forward to working with you.

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Private Events & Dinners

Kitchen Design/ Work Flow Efficiencies

Hiring & Staff Training

Recipe Development

Culinary Classes - Adult & Kids



"I love knowing that Cyrus Keefer is following his dream, which turns out to be helping other people find theirs. I am fascinated by the creative process and am always so happy when someone finds the perfect outlet for their creativity."

– Richard Gorelick, food writer, former restaurant critic for the Baltimore Sun

"Cyrus Keefer is one of Baltimore’s most inventive chefs. Whether the genre is Vietnamese street food or a classic seared steak, he teases out the essential flavors, knowing what should stand out, what should linger in the background. I’m a Cyrus groupie, and am always happy to see his name on the menu."

- Martha Thomas, food editor, Baltimore Style Magazine

"I've worked with Cyrus for over 10 years on multiple concepts. His ability to push the envelope, yet create food that fits a restaurant's personality and brand, is uncontested. He is by far one of my favorite chefs to work with and to dine with."

- Joseph Szala, Principal of Vigor, a restaurant branding & marketing firm

“Chef Cyrus Keefer’s career path started out as a musician, but he now plays beautiful melodies with his culinary creations. Like a maestro who guides his orchestra, Keefer has the ability to harmonize foods, flavors, textures, aromas and plating for a dining rhapsody. Acknowledged for his culinary prowess on and featured in two James Beard House’s dinners – Keefer is the top note in his own edible symphony.”

-Dara Bunjon,, food & travel,, FoodService Monthly/Baltimore, &


"Cyrus Keefer takes liberties with ingredients, flavors, and styles of cooking that might seem unusual in combination, but when his dishes hit the palate, suddenly everything makes sense. He's one of the most deliciously creative chefs around, and we always look forward to dining with him. "

-Kathy Wielech Patterson and Neal Patterson, authors of the blog, and the books Food Lovers Guide to Baltimore, and its Bounty Shaped a Cuisine



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